About Banner Energy

Banner Energy Limited RC NO. 344681 is an energy and power business development and management company, with expertise in gas and power projects infrastructure design, construction and operation. Banner Energy Limited is a hundred percent (100%) Nigerian company. The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) certifies Banner Energy Ltd as an energy services, infrastructure development and marketing company. The Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) certifies Banner Energy Limited as an energy and power systems development and marketing company. “BannerGas” and “BEL Power” remain its key brands for trading Gas and power respectively.

Product & Services

BEL Power

Having a vision to provide uninterrupted power supply to all, both domestic and industrial and inspired by the clarion call

BannerGas Bulk Trading

In a bid to make LPG accessible in every part of the country, BannerGas operates a fleet of Bridger and bobtail trucks for industrial delivery and retail vehicles for home delivery

Air Mixing System

LPG – Air Mixing Systems for energy back-up applications. Propane air, also called LPG-Air is essentially a synthetic natural gas

BANNERGAS Equipments Sales and Maintenance

The Banner Limited concept of LP gas distribution and retailing system is an innovation that before now, did not exist

LPG Generators & Accesories

Banner LPG Generators, Vehicle conversion kits and Accessories are pace setters in the Nigerian LPG industry, in partnership

BANNER E&P Business Development

The Banner Energy Limited E&P business development is founded on aspiring technocracy and diversity, whose strength lies with its expert