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EPC for the full spectrum of oil and gas

Most mega-projects in Nigeria are executed by major international EPC firms that have strong technical capabilities. As for us, we fall into the local EPC firm category, with a strong position in Nigeria’s midstream and downstream sectors. Further, we are now aspiring to grow into one of the best companies to reckon with in construction services and with that, become a vertically integrated EPC company covering the full spectrum value chain. Installation and Commissioning of over 70 Skid Mounted digitalized dispensing plants across Nigeria in expansion of the BannerGas network of LPG filling plants.

The industry currently offers plenty of opportunities, seen for example in NLNG Train 7, the AKK pipeline, the Dangote Refinery and the development of marginal fields, which are all projects that will create real value in-country and sustain EPC business for the coming years. NLNG Train 7 will revolutionize the EPC landscape as a large array of companies across the nation will have the opportunity to be involved in it. BannerGas is already positioning herself to play a key role as an engineering, procurement, and construction in the entire project.

The gas business is very diverse in Nigeria. Apart from LPG, we also have propane, which is used for industrial services. Looking at the Nigerian oilfield map, most of the gas-rich projects; like ANOH [Assa North-Ohaji South] by SEPLAT, Utorogu by Shell, and the recent Oredo Integrated Gas Handling Facility commissioned by NPDC [Nigerian Petroleum Development Company] in Edo State have developed their plants to commercialize and supply it to industrial users.

The government is investing heavily in the monetization and utilization of LPG to cover the growing demand for this product which now serves from its various industrial uses to Autogas and to domestic purposes.

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