BannerGas Franchised LPG Plants

Banner Energy Limited is an energy development company whose business activities include but not limited to LPG trading (storage, distribution, and retailing) and LPG equipment importation and distribution across the country.

The LPG industry is growing at a geometric progression and would require vibrant open-minded persons to work hand in hand with all the stakeholders to build a sustainable industry. BannerGas with the support of her banks and OEM partners are promoting an empowerment franchise program which in turn will help in reducing the unemployment rate in the country.

The empowerment program will cut across all the states in the country, reaching out to all geo-political zones. A minimum of 1500 jobs will be created from the scheme as a start-up and will precede other programs lined up for subsequent rollout.

We are developing the BannerGas network of five hundred (500) retail plants across the country alongside the distribution of cylinders to further deepen the LPG market. We have also introduced a product line tagged ‘’BannerGas Retailership scheme’’ for the empowerment of the unemployed and home delivery service.

We have installed over Seventy (70) gas plants at different locations including petrol stations across the country and another set of thirty (30) gas plants is due for installation and commissioning by the fourth quarter of 2021. The network is aimed at bringing cooking, and autogas closer to the people as a way of encouraging the use of LPG in the country.

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