Power Development Projects

BEL Power is specialized in various aspects of development in power distribution and generation projects to include captive, embedded, and on-grid power generation.

At the forefront of our power development projects, located in Ikot-Abasi Akwa Ibom State, is the development of our 500MW CCPP On-grid IPP Power Plant Project, fired primarily with Natural gas and LPG as a secondary fuel. The generating facility will consist of four power blocks in simple cycle and two power blocks in combined cycle.

The generated power will be delivered to the grid via the short 330KV spur line to the TCN substation within 3km. The thermal station will be designed, constructed, and operated in accordance with applicable laws, ordinances, regulations and standards.


1. LAND ACQUISITION: A total land size of 10 Hectares has been acquired for the project, it is strategically located in the town of Ikpetem village, Ikot Abasi on the lower imo river bank to allow for easy access to gas supply via land and waterways, ease of power evacuation, and a readily available consumer market.

2. SITE INVESTIGATIVE STUDIES: Site investigation has been achieved in December 2015.

3. FEASIBILITY STUDIES: Feasibility studies have been achieved in June 2016.

4. GAS PURCHASE/TRANSPORT AGREEMENT: The Heads of Terms (HOTs) has been achieved in June 2016 with Seven Energy Limited precedent to the Agreement.

5. ESIA FMEnv APPROVAL: Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment has been achieved in December 2016 with an interim approval from the Federal Ministry of Environment.

6. EPC SPECIFICATION DOCUMENT: EPC specification document have been achieved in December 2016.

7. TCN EVACUATION: Provisional approval has been given for evacuation, to be done in two phases of 300MW and 200MW.

8. NERC LICENCE: A Ten (10) Year Generation license has been successfully obtained in September 2018 after meeting all necessary obligations.